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Angela Corrie
24 January 1984
Right, It's about time I wrote something in here, so here goes! I will warn you in advance though that I'm not all that good at writing.

Hello! My names Angela and I'm 20. We shall start from the beginning methinks!
I was born in Watford, England, but have moved rather alot since then. During the holidays I live with my parents in Andover, Hampshire. A more boring place you are unlikely to find. I currently study at the University of Warwick, so during termtime I live in Royal Leamington Spa.

I have just started my 3rd (and final) year of a Maths and Statistics degree. If, at this, you wish to scream and run in the opposite direction, then go for it, it's just as nasty as it sounds! It does have its upside though, I like the safety of university life! At the end of this year I will be unceremoniously dumped into the real world whether I am ready or not (and I sincerely doubt that I will be!).

At this moment in time I am seeing piphil, most commonly adressed as Phil. This has been going on for approaching a year now and I seriously doubt his sanity, though admire his courage, for coping for so long! He has just started his 3rd year of a Biology degree, also at Warwick.

My interests at university include, (apart from the usual student hobbies of drinking too much, staying up too late and sleeping too much) pool, at which I am appaling, and Archery. It's through archery that I met Phil. I was dragged along by one of my housemates and enjoyed it, so am still doing it. As for the Phil thing, I shall mention bonfire night, fireworks, too much alcohol and leave it at that! It's the typical student story I suppose. :P

Outside of university I enjoy horse riding, reading and pretending that I can play the piano! Bookwise I am addicted to everything Harry Potter, Discworld or Douglas Adams related!

This is my horse Albert, or kinda mine anyway, I've been riding him for about 9 years. He's currently at a riding school at home, and although he's not wonderful at much, or even any good really, we suit each other and are content to muddle our way around and have a go at most things! He's more like a big dog really. :P Theres more pictures of him, and some other stuff from the stables here, on piphil's livejournal photo hosting thingy.

As you can probably tell from my interests list, and the communities I'm in, I'm a Ravenclaw and pround of it! Heres a couple of pictures to prove it.(If you don't know what I mean then just go and read some Harry Potter. I promise you you won't regret it!)

Apart from all of the above, I am also addicted to the film Labyrinth, and again, if you havent seen it, have a watch. It may not be everyones cup of tea, but you never know! So, because I like putting pictures and things in here, I'm gonna put some layrinth ones in too! Here goes....

Think I've talked enough now!

PS. You may have noted that even though I've put loads of pics on here, there's none of me. This is due to the fact I HATE being in photos and have to be bullied before I would even concider it! (Ask piphil) That said, I have to scan in a pic of me for other reasons so I may put it on here, if I have the courage!

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